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There are obviously a lot setting up to do when you want to publicize a blog. Now I have to mention this code to check if my feed and registry is working fine in Technorati. I hope that I dont have to spam while checking the feed for technorati. S6WS44C47972


Female ending


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Joking is the perfect cover for a misogynistic man. Now, you may wonder what the heck misogyny even means. It is representing the “woman hate”. Usually practiced by straight men without tits.

As a result of misogyny, misandry developed mainly by the feminists. It is the “man hate”, if you like, but only towards those man who takes pleasure humiliating woman no matter what they do. That is what I do. I hate men who humiliate women.

Lombart is an imaginary man who almost looks very similar to someone I have to work with. I often find myself thinking of changing my job because of him and a few others who basically just mirror that very interesting disturbing man. But then again, why does it have to be me who leaves every time when there is a disrespectful person practicing humiliation, right?

People like Lombart, are bullying others in every single opportunity they get and hide behind a “joke”. In the beginning you laugh a few times but when it becomes a constant behavior then you start thinking why that repeats itself all the time. Plus such egomaniac men, have no problem in sexually harassing a women in the presence of some office drinking events.

Unfortunately, I had this experience. What do you do? Report the situation and watch the corporate mindset to wash their hands away for the argument of protecting reputation? Or trying to reason with such men and correct their humping behavior like you would correct dogs?

It is very uncomfortable for me to write about those experiences but I promised myself to get it out of my system which is what the plot of my blog is.

The other unfortunate experience I got from people like Lombart, is the harassment I get immediately when I come out as a homosexual woman. I guess I should have refrained to answer the question about my private life on whether I had a husband or not. I answer such as I have a wife and the egomaniac men receives an error in their perception of me. Am I one of them as men, or am I one of women of which they joke a lot!?!?! Am I the “man” in that relationship? Am I the “active” one? Or the “passive” one?

And after a while the daring goes again to the extend which the egomaniac sexist man now talks about that he can prove that he can change my homosexuality with his penis through a “sarcastic joke”. It is so frustrating that I had to experience that more than once.

I do believe that such is humiliation. I also do believe that some men can’t help bullying especially women. I just hate those men.

I also dislike the person who in music literature called an inappropriate ending in a classical music piece as “female ending”. Look it up. All of this is formed by a misogynistic mind.

Dude…Cut to the chase!


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I was listening to unga bunga radio program by le gammeltoft the other day. I was actually listening to the last one she made. After like 5 years, unga bunga is concluding with this last episode. Because it was the last one, le invited a few dj’s to play a couple of tracks of their choice. The boys came in with 15 min tracks and talking about that it has such a cool bass, perfect dance number, it’s my favorite bla bla… Dude! It is a radio program for gods sake, why on earth would you come with a 15min long track? Le could only play the first 5 minutes anyway. No bass, no dancing plot because the song does not even build up in 5 min!

I am really trying hard not to generalize but such examples occurs way too often for me not to generalize. Men having a tendency to like looong tracks with loong preludes before the music reaches the climax.

Music reaching it’s climax means, the part of the track where you say yeah cool that’s it and start jumping or bang your head.

Now when you are in a festival like distortion or raw and stand around a stage of a male dj, you wait forever to get on a beat and resolve yourself.

I think that it is almost the same as men having sex. They need to go on forever in the same rhythm back and forth until they can start making grooves with the woman. Or climax.

A woman dj on the other hand has a perfect timing. Your hand never stays up in the air forever waiting for that moment or you never start jumping before the big bass of a dancing track starts.

It happened to me so many times with men dj’s. I am like getting in to the beat and then I feel like now it is going to explode and start jumping but then….I am looking around me, all the boys keep on waiting with closed eyes for that moment(!). Pretty ackward….

It never happens with a female dj. Whenever I am ready that woman dj BAM! explodes that track, so we jump together.

With women dj’s it never can go wrong, I tell you that.

Trentemøller is the only wonderful exception I know though. ❤️


Mustang Sally is not an Anarchist


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I always had strong feelings for communism, communal living, equality, equal rights, concept of consuming only what is necessary. I almost quit my education because I hated consequences of “money”.

I was utterly fascinated by the code my sister had for living since she was a teenager. She was living with other people and now in an occupied building in Germany. The building was occupied over 20 years ago and the legacy of collaborative living has remained there since.

Me on the other hand, growing up in Turkey was like being in a safety race. I had to take exams since I was 13, I have been trained to be faster in solving test questions since I was 11. I had to take 10+ exams which took longer than 2 hours each, just to pass this one test that defines your life when you are 17.

The university qualification exam. It is about answering 120 questions in 135 minutes. So you got a little over 1 minute for each question to work out the answer. And why do you bother that again? Because of unemployment! There are too less schools, too less job openings for each line of work, and too many people.

So you have to eliminate some people.

Ok let’s hear it again. I was 14 when I had to chose which 120 questions I should answer. I could chose between social sciences and science. Art was also an option but when I was 14 I could not play the piano and since nobody in the family saw me dancing, they decided that I should go with social sciences. Except I wanted to be a carpenter at that time.
Tough luck, my family said I could later change to art school if a talent was to be discovered. Right…

So I got trained to answer 120 questions on mathematics, Turkish and social sciences for 3 years. With 17 years of age you have to make a ranking of jobs. Mine was business administration, economy, law, psychology. I wanted law or psychology most but I could not rank them to the first. That is because of the basic rule of supply and demand. There were too many who wanted to study business administration, therefore I had to have them as my first choice if I wanted those as a “just in case” option. The thing is, you have to find 13 job lines you want to study. Because you wont get to in easily. So you need to make as much as choices as you can. Then you rank them. You take the exam and depending on your and other people’s score and how others ranked their’s, you get in one university and to one job line you ranked.

Because I had business administration on top, and my points were high, I had to be placed into business administration although I would have preferred psychology.

And that race was just for the education you want to study.

So I got 21 finished university, wanted to earn some money so I can move out from my parents place. Wait…I am a woman, single who wants to move out to be independent and live alone without getting married to a guy? No way! Not in Turkey.

I took the first job I could get. I was a phone operator and worked in customer service. Ok let’s have a look again. I studied since I was 12 to get an education, now I am 21 and work in customer service?????

Ok here is my point: unfortunately my parents were not rich, so I could not stop worrying about my safety during my teenager years. What does a typical teenager in Denmark do, just study, get money from the state to study, probably live in a collective, get drunk, learn all the hangover remedies by the time you reach 19 and have a unique style and an attitude when you turn 22.

Not every country is as rich as Denmark. Maybe the situation in Turkey is a bit worse because it is not yet a developed country, but it does not change the principle of the poor and rich.

Mustang Sally, had it much easier with choices than me. Actually, I believe that all citizens of a rich country had it easier with choices than me. And I am absolutely fine with that as long as I am not being looked down by my ‘choices’.

I chose to be financially independent and have a life of my own independent from my parents. Hence I continued to work as a phone operator got promoted over 7 years, lived on 500dkk of a monthly salary until I got transferred to Denmark.

Then I met the adorable Mustang Sally. She is this American, feminist, lesbian activist in the queer scene. She was doing this cool music with that drumpad imbedded guitar, so that I even started to play the guitar again. I met new people, I was a part of a scene. I felt really like I had a queer point of view to defend alongside with a lot of others. After 30 years since I was born, I felt socially safe. Simple theory of Maslow. I was just about to upgrade my life to “dguchris 2.0” on the self realization part, then BAM!

I got looked-down by my friend Mustang Sally because I was working for a rich company, hence supporting capitalism…(!)

That is what I don’t understand about the socialist wing in this queer scene. Plus all the supporters I know of “Enhedslisten”. And that looking-down attitude coming from people like Mustang Sally, that makes me conclude like it is my absolute meaning of life to make another guy richer.What the heck?? I am fighting for my individuality and independence since I am 12, hallooo?

I basically can not comprehend those people who claims communism by drinking expensive drinks, eating at fiskebaren before joining an underground on a friday night, living in a hip part of the city, getting loads of encrypted tattoos and doing art while the government pays for it.

Wait, or is it me who is paying for growth of art with taxes?

If everyone is going to get what is fun for them to do, who is going to do the boring stuff for the rich guy, that pays off the bill of an artist’s dinner at Fiskebaren. I mean, really??

I would have not been that critical to enhedslisten folks,  if I received a little gratitude from them, for what I fought for and for what I am doing now. Especially from the symbols of antiracist, antifashist, antisexist, antihomophobic, antimisogynist queer folks, that is all.

Neverthless, Mustang Sally is not an anarchist anyway, and I still love her from a distance.

My imaginary friends


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2013-12-25 10.05.40There are certain things which I simply can not let go. That is probably because I am still mad about most of them. The minute that I want to write something, I feel like I am completely empty and have nothing to write about. But then, when I walk away, I got the killer sentences in my head with the killer plots of some posts.

I used to have a blog before and I stopped writing 5 years ago because I was so angry again. And one of the bloggers I was following and looking up to, said that I am building long sentences, therefore reading my posts has the same effect to looking at a field full of snow… It disencouraged me.

I am building long sentences and they may be snowy but I am just going to continue writing today.

This blog will start as a cure that I subscribed to heal my writers block, as I really need to get going on this killer book they I have to write during the next 2 years.

My madness is designed by the following characters who are mostly happened to be men. I will make the names up, and I will exaggerate, so in case one of those highly annoying people will hit my blog, they will not feel directly offended.

Mustang Sally: She is a very cool, hip, singer with an attitude and writes the most encrypted and satire SMS’es ever.
She was a friend of mine and I actually adored her so much that when her confusion in space and time teared us apart, I started to be highly mad at her views now and then.

Feter Part: He is my imaginary upstairs neighbor living in outer space.

Plumber: He is my imaginary downstairs neighbor who believes he can bend fire and water.

Lombart: He is my imaginary sexist, racist and misogynist colleague who believes that women came from Venus and we live in Mars! A psychopath in a suit.

Open eyes: He is another imaginary sexist guy who shows up sometimes and reminds me how cramped a heterosexual man can be. He never blinks, that’s disturbing too.

I will sometimes write about my madness, let’s see if it will help the block, so I can entertain you with my book one day.